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Pro Art Gallery to Host ‘‘Contemporary Turkish Art Exhibition’’

Exhibition to showcase over 30 selected artworks of both upcoming as well as acclaimed Turkish artists

Dubai, UAE, May 2nd 2013: Pro Art Gallery, the gallery that celebrates innovative art and collectibles, announced that it is hosting a “Contemporary Turkish Art Exhibition’’,at the Pro Art Gallery  located at Palm Strip Shopping Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1. The exhibition, which will open at 7 pm on May 15th 2013, will showcase over 30 selected artworks of both upcoming as well as well acclaimed Turkish artists such as Devrim Erbil, Arzu Akgun, Demir Kardas and Murat Germen

“Contemporary Turkish Art Exhibition ‘will take  place between May 15 – 1 June 2013,will provide visitors with a glimpse at a different era of Turkish contemporary art, aims at promoting artists from Turkey as well as creating a market for Turkish contemporary art in U.A.E.

Turkish art developed simultaneously with the larger art world, embracing movements like Pop Art, Photorealism, Minimalism, and Conceptual Art. By the end of the twentieth century, Turkish artists were more active, exploring new visual paths in art.

Tatiana Faure, Owner and Founder of Pro Art Gallery, adds “The exhibition will provide visitors a chance to witness and discover the historical development in Turkish art and how its art market is not only becoming more mature and specialized, but is increasing in popularity and international recognition which is being fueled from within the  country  itself.”


Note to the Editors:


Devrim Erbil

 He was enrolled in the painting department of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul where he first studied.Devrim`s unique painting style caught the attention of an international audience. He was awarded an art scholarship to study painting in Madrid and Barcelona. He later continued his academic career in Paris and London.  Devrim was elected Turkey`s "Young Artist of the Year" and was awarded the prestigious title of Turkey`s State Artist. In addition to his painting career, Devrim also dedicated himself to the development and promotion of the arts in Turkey. Erbil also served as Director of the Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture.
Demir Kardas:

He refers to his works as “Colouring”. He is an artist who avoids talking extensively about and defining his works and his process of creating art, without being lost in details. This may be the reason why he simply terms them as “colourings”. Whereas, when his art, in his own words, “his colourings” meet the viewing eye, it implies an aesthetical/visual construct far beyond colouring. In the area of art where colours, lines and planes come together, you feel the presence of an infinite universe that moves in its own rhythm based on its own specific principles. Like in all visual constructs, when the viewing eye, in other words, “the observing subject” meets the work of art, many processes, perceptions, sensations open up the door of the world of meanings beyond the visible. The meaning is located there, expecting the viewer with all its potentiality and possibilities.

Murat Germen

He is an experimental artist that often uses photography as his medium. He received a Bachelor of Science in city planning and a Master of Architecture. Germen is a photographer with a strong conceptual message. For him photography is an opportunity to find things that people ignore. He focuses on the ordinary and latent extraordinariness in regularity. He challenges himself to create extraordinary work of things that are perceived as normal. For his series Muta-Morphosis he created bizarre panoramic photographs or multidimensional cityscapes in various places around the world. The concept is the combination of the notions of mutation and metamorphosis. These images are produced by the compression of the horizontal levels.

About Pro-Art:

Founded in 2010, Pro Art gallery is the brainchild of art collector Mrs. Tatiana Faure and is one of the first places in the Middle East where collectors can acquire artworks such as masters, lithographic prints and serigraphs of over 100 artists from 15 different countries. Pro Art Gallery offers an impressive collection of fine arts, selection of styles and mediums from one-of-a-kind paintings to affordable limited edition prints, sculptures to photography. Our variety of portfolio gives collectors access to a range of artists with the highest level of quality, integrity and taste within their chosen field. From acclaimed street art, to renowned masters or the showcasing of upcoming artist, Pro Art is your one source for Art.

Showcased artists include works by Carlos Nadal, Pablo Picasso, Fernando Botero, Damien Hirst, Marc Chagall, Tyeb Mehta, S.H. Raza, Banksy, Andy Warhol, Alberto Giacometti, Bernard Buffet, and many more.

For further details, please visit ProArt gallery located in Palm Strip Shopping Mall, F 21, Jumeirah Beach Road, Opposite Jumeirah Mosque from 10am – 9pm Saturday to Thursday


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