Demir Kardaş

Düzenli çalışmak ve öğrenmek yolunda emek harcıyorum. Zamanı kaçırmamaya özen vererek bana ait renkli bir hayal dünyasını kağıtlar üzerine aktarmaya çabalamaktayım.

I was born in 1950 in Istanbul.

I graduated from Istanbul University, Academy of Commercial Sciences. I’ve always wanted painting to be a priority in my life. I have wanted; however, this was only possible in 2004. Now, I hold onto it tightly, in order not to miss this opportunity. I initially did painting only when I had time; now it has turned into a lifestyle.

I started learning drawing patterns at first, then turned to watercolours and oils; I finally decided on collages. In 2006, after having met my tutor, Ergun Başar, I finally made up my mind. Two years passed with hard work and toil.

I consider 2008 as the defining moment. I attended the IMOGA (Istanbul Musuem of Graphic Arts) printmaking seminar in 2008-2009. By the help of my tutor Eda Tekcan, I learned the techniques and applications in prints. I got in the habit of working with a group in a workshop.

I realised I was a dab hand in the lionolium technique. The work was swift, the result was rapid. In time, the colours and templates of my work have come forward. The circle and the square give me a feeling of infinity and order. I like to entwine the circular movement in the circles and sometimes to enlace it as a vortex in the quiet order of the square.

I like the colour transmittance by putting transparent templates on each other. My forms are actually a reflection of our traditional art.

China patterns, caftans, tombstones and naturally, calligraphy and gilding.

My abstractions are more like crests. Or let’s say, I’m trying to make them into crests. The coulourfulness of them makes them very appealing. This is what I’m after nowadays, but in my mind I’m after simplifying, minimalising.

I’m working hard and regularly to improve and learn. Feeling pressed for time, I’m trying to transfer a colourful dreamworld of my own on paper.

Demir Kardaş

Translated by Feyza Akkirpik (2010)